A Quick Guide to Home Architecture Styles

What is your dream home?

For some they immediately know what their dream home looks like – inside and out.

For others, their dream is more muddied. Unless you’re familiar with architecture, you might not know the difference between modern and contemporary styles. Maybe you’ve never even heard of Craftsman.

Although there are dozens of types of house architecture styles, some have endured more than others and become popular styles for those looking to build their dream home.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, keep reading to learn some of the more popular home architecture styles.


Victorian architecture styles were popular from the 1800s until about 1900. As the name suggests, these homes were built during the reign of Queen Victoria – the era of Britain’s great age of industrial and economic expansion. Victorian homes reflect this era of prosperity.

Victorian homes feature steep roofs, a front-facing gable, and vivid colors. Many have large porches and are two or three stories tall. Asymmetrical facades are common, often as a result of rounded towers.

Their interiors can be just as ornate. Tall ceilings and long and narrow rooms are common elements of this style. Detailed trim and molding are common in each closed-off room.

Victorian homes have retained their popularity today. In some cases, the style has evolved, as with modern Victorian design.


Craftsman style architecture was popular in the early 1900s, chiefly until about 1930. The Craftsman name comes from the furniture magazine The Craftsman. The Craftsman was published by Gustav Stickley, whose influence on furniture would extend to architecture.

Craftsman style homes have low-pitched triangular roofs, exposed roof rafters, overhanging eaves, and porches framed by square columns.

Inside, a Craftsman home presents itself as warm and cozy, with distinct living and dining spaces. Extensive woodwork often frames doors and windows, and it is not uncommon to find built-in bookshelves. Large picture or bay windows let in natural light.

Craftsman style homes are still widely popular today. Their beauty and sustainability and use of eco-friendly natural materials make them a popular style of architecture to this day.


Modern architecture styles were influenced by Modernism art.

Modern architecture emphasizes function over detailed ornamentation. Exteriors include large windows that let in lots of natural light. Some common building materials in this style include concrete, steel, and glass.

Modern interiors consist of spacious floorplans, where living spaces flow into one another. Modern homes have a relationship to the environment around them. Perhaps the most famous example is Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.


Much like Craftsman architecture was a response to Victorin architecture, contemporary style architecture is an answer to modern architecture. While many confuse the two, there is a difference.

As the name implies, contemporary homes reflect today’s trends. The style is an evolution of the modern style and constantly evolves to suit contemporary design beliefs. Even the way contemporary homes are designed changes with the times.

Contemporary homes emphasize strong geometric shapes, and simple, clean lines. This is obvious even from the exterior. Large windows let in natural light, and exteriors can be clad with wood, stone, brick, or often multiple materials.

Choose Elements of Your Favorite Home Architecture Styles

What is a good home architecture style? It’s one that’s aesthetically pleasing to you.


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