Everyone dreams of building a home that is customized to their every need.

Dreaming of building a customized luxury home is easy, but building it can be a cumbersome process if you are not properly prepared.

In order to make the process more streamlined we have defined some crucial steps which will allow you to go from dreaming about your custom home to making it a reality!

  1. Set Your Budget

Setting a suitable budget before taking any other step is the most important part of the whole process. To decide your budget properly, you should thoroughly analyze these factor

  • The cost of the land where you want to build your home.
  • Local fees.
  • Applicable Taxes.
  • Architectural Design fees.
  • Engineer’s fees.
  • Construction costs.
  • Contractor Fees
  • Interior Design Fees
  • Interior Furniture & Decor costs
  • Landscaping costs.
  • Contingency amount.


  1. Check If You Need A Loan

It is a rare situation to have enough savings to cover your entire budget when building a house. Though almost everyone tries to avoid taking on the burden of loans, sometimes it can become necessary. In that situation, you should check some important aspects to maintain the balance with the loan.

  • Ensure that you have a good credit score.
  • Contact multiple lenders to get the best interest rates.
  • Thoroughly analyze the mortgage options and loan types.
  • Get advice from a suitable source on planning your down payment.
  1. Determine Your Timeframe

Unfortunately day to day life does not stop when designing and building your custom home. Your timeline should take this fact into account and also plan for unexpected events.  Even with a team of assembled professionals your participation will be required.  If you plan your timeline with these factors in mind you may find that you finish ahead of schedule and enjoy the process more, or at least save yourself the headache of a strict timeline.

  1. Choose Your Land

Another major step towards building your dream home is selecting the most suitable land for you and your family. To do that you should concentrate on the following points –

  • Size of the plot.
  • Slop/leveling of land.
  • The direction of the plot face (Which direction is the sun from?).
  • Natural surroundings (plantations, water bodies, fields, etc.).
  • Good neighborhood.
  • Access to necessary resources (Power Station, Hospital, School, etc.).
  • Privacy and security.
  1. Understand the Area In Detail

The best way to get real-time details about any place is to speak with the local residents. Also, taking advice from a professional architect or contractor can be a great help in choosing the spot for your home. Once they are aware of your dreams they will be able to help guide you towards the perfect lot for your project! 

  1. Create A Beautiful Design For Your Home

As you plan to build a customized home, you will want to think carefully about the design you would like before enlisting the help of an architect or designer.

The main aspects you should tend to while defining your design are:

  • Scale your dreams according to budget, land, timeframe, etc.
  • Properly categorize your “needs” vs.“ wants”, Needs are requirements and wants are not always necessary.
  • Decide the importance of different rooms to you.
  • Set the priority order for your dream features to make a properly balanced budget for them.
  • Search over the internet, magazines, etc. in detail to get better design ideas. Keep track of your ideas in one place for easy reference when working with your industry professionals.
  1. Decide The Size and Layout For The Final Plan

Strategic planning is absolutely necessary for the perfect utilization of your plot. Defining the size, basic positioning, and structure of each room will greatly assist the guidance of your professionals. Next enlist the services of a designer or architect, they have the knowledge and skill set required to take your plans and engineer them for your lot.

  1. Safety, Safety, Safety

Safety should be one of the top priorities when designing your home, every necessary safety measure needs to be included in your plans.This is especially true when going for permits with the appropriate city. There are many safety guidelines that need to be adhered to and planning for these features ahead of time ensures that they will not get in the way of your dream design!

  1. Assemble Your Building Team

Your plans are completed! This is an exciting stage in the process as now your dream home can enter the building stage.

In order to ensure a smooth build process it is essential to contract with the right experts from every required field for the construction of your project.

This means not always basing your decision on price.  Professional experience & highly skilled trades often cost more as they bring with them the skill set required to execute your vision and design ideas.

Construction is a very technical industry that requires experience, problem solving skills, a lot of time and attention to detail.

Assembling a highly skilled team for your project will ensure the construction phase is a breeze and make you even more excited to move into your new home!

  1. Complete The Finishing Touches

Complete the finishing touches with landscaping, furniture and decor.  These finishing touches accomplish perfection and will make your home ready for living & enjoying!. Many people do not plan for these final touches but they are essential in pulling everything together.  At last, after all of your hard work you can finally now relax and enjoy the beautiful custom house that is now your dream home!

Many people are overwhelmed by the multiple steps it takes to start a custom home project.   ZED Studio design will guide you through the entire process with our experienced team and create your dream home with you!. To learn more about our process and services, feel free to contact us.



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  1. Thank you for explaining that you should set a budget for the whole process including the home, landscaping, and furniture. I’ve been wondering what sort of steps we should take to make sure we get the luxury home of our dreams. I would have forgotten half of the things on this list, so I’ll be sure to keep it in mind.

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