Build Your Dream Home With Us In Virtual Reality!

Have you ever wished that you could walk through your home before construction begins?

Many people worry once the design is finalized that they will not be satisfied with the actual built product & that what they have seen in 2D in drawings will not look as good in real life.

A virtual walkthrough of the finished product takes away all of that anxiety and allows the client to enjoy the building process, fully confident that the house they have been dreaming about will live up to their expectations.

Feeling the space and being able to walk through your home is now a premiere experience offered here at Zed studio.

ZED Studio has always looked for ways to ensure their treasured clients have an over the top experience when designing their homes. That includes the ability to walk around their home virtually using Virtual Reality technology.

VR is no longer just for training simulations or other high end markets. Advances in technology allow you to take the VR headset anywhere, as they no longer require a VR capable computer.

As Virtual Reality has become more widely available no other industry has been as influenced by VR then architectural design. It is useful both for the residential and commercial markets. Both clients and trades benefit from the use of VR.

There are multiple ways to utilize Virtual Reality through the design process. At ZED Studio we use VR technology to test the spaces & ensure the best utilization of space, light, and views. All of our client walkthroughs include virtual 360 walk arounds and panorama’s.

Watching our client’s face light up when they see their completed home design and are absolutely in love is one of our favourite things!

VR is part of our design packages; it ensures that ZED Studio clients are extremely happy with the quality of work that was performed and the extra effort that went into ensuring their home is the best version that it can be.

Virtual Reality has transformed the way that we look at design. It allows us to foresee potential challenges and problem areas, especially when dialoguing with consultants. VR allows us to provide the most sound and error-free design for our clients, which is always our priority!

The most exciting part of the Virtual Reality experience is for the client. Seeing their finished home design and walking through it long before the building process has even begun. This is an experience you do not want to miss out on!


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