3 Reasons To Choose A Firm That Offers Both Architectural & Interior Design Services

When designing a custom home many people hire both an architect and an interior designer.  This in itself is a great idea as your home will now be fully tailored towards your family’s needs, both inside and out.

However some challenges can arise when the architect & interior designer are from two different firms.  This division can create miscommunications and problems that end up costing the client in the long run.

It is not uncommon once the interior design process begins to see some architectural changes arise.  Small details such as modifying windows, moving over an interior door location or even a slight increase in room size can occur; things that would allow for better use of livability & overall interior room function.  These things can only be realized once the very detailed process of designing the home’s  interior begins.

Tracking these architectural changes through the construction process can be confusing for the client and builder because it means referring back and forth between two sets of plans:  the architectural firm’s plan & the interior design firm’s plan.

This is why we highly recommend hiring a firm that provides both architectural and interior design services in one house.

A powerhouse like ZED Studio.

Both our architectural & interior design divisions work closely together to ensure your home’s plans are perfectly tailored to your every need both inside and out.

No more miscommunications that cost the client time and money or that leaves them with a product that they are not fully satisfied with. No changes are made without consulting the other professional; just one seamless process that will have you excited to move into your new home!

In short there are three major aspects of the ZED experience that you will be taking advantage of by using both our architectural and interior design services.

We call them “The three C’s”:  Communication, Collaboration, and Cohesiveness.

Communication is increased as changes are made, they are easily communicated back and forth between the two divisions. Increased communication leads to increased collaboration; and as a result of the communicative/collaborative process your home will be cohesive from the exterior to the interior!

All aspects of your home are in harmony with each other and tailored to your lifestyle.

By combining these services at ZED Studio, we ensure the best design solutions for our clients homes.  To learn more about our process and services, feel free to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you and turning your dreams into reality!


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